Capital Raising Service

Everdear Advisors provides equity financing, debt financing and private placement memorandum services to emerging and middle market businesses.

Clients benefit from our experience advising over 400 clients on their financing strategies,developing professional documentation, and successfully securing capital.

Over the past decade, we have developed a proven methodology for raising debt and equity capital.

We create compelling investor marketing materials, develop comprehensive investor lists, and work creatively and tirelessly to initiate, negotiate and close financing transactions. In addition, we provide valuable strategic insights throughout the fundraising process.

We provide the following capital raising services:

Equity Financing

We arrange equity financing for emerging and lower middle market companies by way of private equity, venture capital and strategic investment groups.

a) Brainstorming Sessions with Company Management

Understand the company's vision, mission, capital structure (amount of money to be raised,valuation, share structure, etc.). This process allows us to effectively articulate and market the investment opportunity to investors.

b) Documentation

We develop or refine investor materials, including slide deck, executive summary, full business plan, and private placement memorandum (PPM), as appropriate.

c) In this process, we highlight the company's management team, competitive advantages, and value proposition. We develop a well-defined exit strategy and demonstrate the high potential for return on investment. As a result, we generate investor interest and encourage favourable investment terms.

d) Develop Investor Lists

We develop comprehensive lists of qualified investors from our extensive network and proprietary informational databases. We invest significant time and energy to identify and assess unique, creative sources of equity investment, including strategic investors.

e) Market Opportunity to Investors

We initiate contact with investors, negotiate a contract where both parties are pleased with the financing structure, and work to successfully close the transaction.

Debt Financing

We help emerging and lower middle market companies secure debt financing from institutional banks and business to business lenders.

We work closely with our clients to explain the positives and negatives of debt financing so as to acquire the exact amount of debt financing needed from the most suitable institutions and reliable lenders.

Our services highlight the value of the business and make transparent the debt to equity ratio for loan repayment to ensure that the client secures the financing that they require. In this process, our clients secure the precise amount of debt they need to maintain a healthy balance sheet and a secure cash flow.

Our methodology for securing debt financing includes the following components:

a) Strategy

We work closely with management to develop a financing strategy, evaluating all financing alternatives and determining the most appropriate financing sources for your situation.

b) Documentation

We develop high-quality professional business plans and additional collateral to facilitate the financing process.

c) Outreach

We develop lists of qualified lenders from our extensive network and proprietary informational databases, and initiate contact with lenders to negotiate, structure, and close the transaction.

Private Placement Memorandum Services

We have a proven methodology for developing effective PPMs. Our private placement memorandum development process ensures the quality of the memorandum and additional presentation materials, helping maximize the likelihood of a successful fundraising effort.

Why Choose Everdear Advisors to Develop Your PPM?

a) Proven Methodology: Our private placement memorandum development process ensures the quality and effectiveness of your PPM, presentation materials, and fundraising efforts:

b) Interview Company management regarding the Company's vision, mission, capital structure (amount of money to be raised, valuation, share structure, etc.)

c) Conduct strategic research related to the Company's target markets, customers, and competitors

d) Draft offering memorandum

e) Revise, copy-edit, package, and finalize document

f) Develop PowerPoint and investor marketing materials (Executive Summary, email copy) to accompany PPM

Investor Perspective: We are in ongoing dialogues with all channels of the finance community, including private equity, venture capital, public and corporate capital markets. We leverage this knowledge to develop private placement memorandum and presentation materials that maximize our clients’ valuations and accelerate the investor review process.

Cost Effective: When compared with law firm preparation, developing your private placement memorandum with Everdear Advisors provides significant time and cost savings.

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