Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory Services

Whether your motive is to successfully exit a business you’ve owned for decades, expand your product line and cross selling opportunities, reduce tax liability, overcome competitive disadvantages, or complete a vertical integration, our value-added M&A advisory services can help you maximize financial performance.

Everdear Advisors provides high level corporate M&A strategy and due diligence services for acquisitions, mergers, business sales and divestitures. We advise clients throughout the transaction, from start to finish.

Upon completion of a merger or acquisition, Everdear Advisors can ensure success by providing post-merger or post-acquisition integration consulting to alleviate any inefficiency in the process.

Everdear Advisors provides the following M&A services.

1. Sales of Private Companies

We provide sell-side advisory services for owners of private companies seeking to sell at maximum valuation.

2. Acquisitions and Buy outs

We provide buy-side advisory services, including identifying target companies and mediating and negotiating acquisition and buyouts.

3. Divestitures

We assist companies with the divestitures of business units, divisions, and subsidiaries.

4. M&A Strategy

We work closely with management to develop top level corporate strategies for acquisitions, mergers, business sales and divestitures.

5. M&A Due Diligence

We provide merger & acquisition due diligence services to fully investigate the target company’s financial statements and other relevant information to determine the appropriate valuation for a sale or acquisition.

6. Post-Merger and Acquisition Integration

We provide post-merger and post-acquisition integration consulting to improve the performance of the new business entity.

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