Valuation and Fairness Opinions

Everdear Advisors leverages the strength of our combined research, strategy, and investment banking capabilities to provide accurate business valuation and fairness opinions.

We also maintain a specialty practice consulting to private equity and venture capital groups to enhance the performance of portfolio companies and maximize the value of investments.

These services include:

Business Valuation

We provide value added advisory and consulting services to maximize the profit from the sale of a business. Our business valuation services include: discounted cash flow analysis, net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) analysis, and synergy valuation.

Our business valuation practice leverages our strategy, market research, and financial analysis capabilities to maximize profit from the sale or acquisition businesses.

Through our unique approach to business valuation, we first assess the reason for and the circumstances surrounding the business valuation also known as premise of value.

We consider the national, regional and local economic conditions existing as of the business valuation date, as well as the trends and conditions occurring within the industry in which the company operates.

Lastly, there is an analysis of financial statements focusing on all financial trends such as growth or decline in revenues or expenses, liquidity, turnover rate and overall profitability of the company. This process estimates the economic value of a business and determines the price or multiple that a company is willing to pay to acquire the business.

We utilize a variety of valuation techniques to accurately measure the value of a business, including:

a) Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

b) Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Analysis

c) Free Cash Flow to Equity Valuation

d) Free Cash Flow to Firm Valuation

e) Leveraged Buyout Valuation

f) Synergy Valuation

g) Weighted Average Cost of Capital Valuation

h) Cash Flow Valuation

Fairness Opinions

We offer professional evaluations of a company to determine whether a merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off, or buyout is a fair and viable option for that company. These services include valuation analysis of a target company, evaluation of business rationale of a transaction, and opinion as to the legal fairness of the proposed transaction.

In developing fairness opinion, we determine whether a merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off, or buyout is a fair and viable option for both / either buyer and seller..

This process involves interviewing key management and key company advisors, visiting the company’s facilities, analysing financial statements, reviewing transaction documents, and researching and understanding trends within the industry to properly evaluate the company. Our fairness opinion service offering assists directors, investors, trustees and board members of a company in gaining clarity into the soundness of a deal. We make transparent the level of care and value a third party has provided to shareholders about the financial fairness of a pending transaction.

Our fairness opinion process includes the following components:

a) Valuation analysis of a target company as well as alternative companies

b) Evaluation of the business rationale to proceed with the proposed transaction

c) Opinion as to the legal fairness of the proposed transaction

We present the fairness opinion as a professionally formatted research report that a board of directors or controlling shareholder of a target company can use to approve the proposed transaction.

Deal Sourcing

We source deals for family offices, private equity and venture capital firms who are planning investments or are seeking to improve the performance of portfolio companies.

Everdear Advisors leverages our decades of entrepreneurial advisory experience and developed networks to source opportunities for family offices, venture capital and private equity firms.

We help private equity and venture capital investors identify, assess and screen potential investments into innovative and high growth companies. Additionally, we provide valuable strategic consulting services to portfolio companies in order to accelerate growth and maximize investors’ return on investment.

Our deal sourcing services include:

a) Due Diligence: We perform comprehensive due diligence services for the purpose of reviewing and investigating investment opportunities.

b) Business Planning: We work closely with company management to develop actionable strategic business plans.

c) Financial Modelling: We develop financial projections and pro-formas, including sensitivity and scenario analyses and comparable investment multiples research utilizing paid databases including Capital IQ and Pitch Book.

d) Market Research: We perform strategic market research to assess and validate market opportunities.

e) Exit Planning: We assist portfolio companies with the development of realistic paths to liquidity events for company management and investors.

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