Wealth Management

One of the core activities of a family office is to manage your wealth in a profitable manner. The family office generally spreads your assets over several banks and wealth managers in order to diversify the counterparty risk. It coordinates with those private banks, and keeps track of your assts. The family office also regularly summarise (consolidates) the performance of the assets in a daily, monthly or quarterly report.

Diversification of your assets

The more substantial your wealth, the more important it is to diversify your assts over several banks and several jurisdictions, in order to reduce counterparty risk. Diversification is one of the most important and one of the easiest tools for wealth –preservation (never put your eggs in one basket).

But true diversification of your assets can be quite a challenge. For example, if your family has investable assets worth 100 crores and spread these over 10 different private banks in 4 different jurisdictions, you can imagine it would be quite a task to manage these assets yourself. This is why in most cases one of the core activities of a multi-family office is to manage your banking relationships. Few wealth managers are able to offer high-quality multi-family office services.

The family office’s role

Together with the family office you establish your family’s risk profile, investment horizon and investment objectives. Subsequently the family office selects, checks, coordinates and communicates with the various banks that hold your assets under custodianship. The family office consolidates all your assets into a daily monthly or quarterly report and compares the performance with a chosen benchmark.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of your overall financial situation
  • Defining the family’s investment objectives
  • Establishing risk profile and investment horizon
  • Global asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Evaluating non-registered securities
  • Administering and advising on banking relationships
  • Opening private bank accounts on behalf of the family
  • Discretionary and non-discretionary mandates
  • Managing Wealth across geographies

Wealth Planning Services

  • Structuring assets and investments to aid tax planning
  • Advice on ownership, management and distribution of assets
  • Privacy and wealth protection structures

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Consolidated reporting of global bank accounts
  • Consolidation and reporting of all family assets (including non-bankable assets)
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Risk adjusted performance reporting and risk attribution
  • Benchmark comparison
  • Fiscal annual performance
  • Risk reporting
  • Offering an online reporting system
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